French Drain Installation

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, standing water and rainfall pose a serious risk to your residential home. This is why, at Brick By Brick Waterproofing Inc., we specialize in providing French drain installation in the Portland, Oregon, area. 

Risks Associated with Water Damage in the Home 

There are a number of risks associated with severe water runoff problems affecting the home. You may experience flooding in the home during or after heavy rainfall, for instance. You may notice the beginning of erosion issues, which can affect your home’s foundation and cause a swarm of other problems. If cracks in your foundation appear, this can lead to moisture entering the home. And with moisture in the home, a whole slew of health concerns arise due to the inevitable mold or mildew growth. 

Numerous risks result from not having a proper drainage system on your property, so this is where our French drain installation comes into play. Thankfully, French drains help resolve that vast majority of drainage-related issues that affect the home. 

French Drain Systems

A French drain, also referred to as a perimeter drain, a curtain drain, an agricultural drain, or weeping tile is comprised of a trench filled with gravel and a perforated pipe. French drains can help direct surface water and groundwater away from a specific area and toward another specific area. The area that we’re typically trying to divert water away from is the home’s foundation so that we can avoid potential erosion issues or foundation issues. French drains can also be installed for sump pumps, retaining walls, and downspouts. 

Why Choose Brick By Brick Waterproofing Inc. for Your French Drain Installation Needs? 

We have over 60 A+ reviews on Angie’s List and over 25 years of experience installing French drains in Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas, so we’ve demonstrated to countless homeowners that we have the experience needed to provide you with the residential drainage solutions you need to protect your property. Contact us today for a consultation or if you have any questions or concerns. 

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