Residential Foundation Repair Services

As licensed foundation repair contractors, we’ve remedied countless homes in the Portland, Oregon, area. Our highly trained contractors are capable of tackling any and all residential foundation repair services you require. Whether you need foundation walls replaced or just need help repairing a crack in your foundation, Brick By Brick Waterproofing Inc. can help! 

For homeowners, one of the scariest problems you can be faced with is the discovery that there are foundation problems affecting your house. You may be worried about what may befall your home if you do not address it quickly, including the safety of your family, the threat of structural damage, high costs of repairs, and more. 

Signs You May Have a Foundation Problem 

There are a number of things to be on the lookout for if you’re concerned that your home is in need of foundation repair. 

Exterior Signs

  • Do you see cracks in your brickwork? 

  • Do you see fascia boards pulling away from the exterior? 

  • Is your chimney leaning in one direction more than the other?

  • Are you seeing gaps form around doors or windows? 


Basement Signs

  • Are you identifying foundation water seepage? 

  • Do you notice cracks in your basement walls? 

  • Does the foundation appear to be sinking in certain areas? 

  • Are your basement walls bowed? 

Interior Signs 

  • Are your doors or windows sticking when you try to open or close them? 

  • Are your doors or windows misaligned? 

  • Is the trim molding misaligned? 

  • Are there cracks forming in your drywall? 

If you’ve noticed any of the above symptoms of foundation damage, it is time to call an experienced contractor for foundation repair service. 

Why Choose Brick By Brick Waterproofing Inc. for Your Foundation Repair Service Needs? 

We know that there is no shortage of foundation repair contractors in the Portland, Oregon, area. But what sets us apart from many of the others is that we have over 25 years of industry experience helping people repair their homes’ foundations, and it shows in our many A+ reviews on Angie’s List. If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable foundation repair, contact us today.

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